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Accessibility Inclusion Is Good For Business And Community

Customers with physical disabilities account for a large part of today’s consumers.
Train your staff and volunteers to accommodate all customers with EASE.

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Sixthman Cayamo Music Cruise – Testimonial

Susan Wheeler-Hall has been an instrumental resource to our company over the last few years. Her passion for her work and vast knowledge of the field of accessible travel has inspired our team to do better by all of our guests. Her EASE training program can be customized for your specific event’s needs. The training program perfectly captures both the unique and universal situations that guests with a wide range of impairments may encounter and sets our team up with a tool kit of empathetic and realistic language and responses. Team members of every experience level were able to find a take-away they could implement in real life situations. 

Learn At Your Own Pace

Being able to learn on your own terms is important in today’s busy world. Our accessibility staff and volunteer training is organized to make learning efficient. We are here to help you up your game on customer service.

32% of consumers report as having some level of physical challenge or disability. Making sure your staff and volunteers are prepared is vital to stay competitive and respectful. Learn how to accommodate customers with EASE.

Susan Wheeler-Hall

Increased My Confidence

Understanding how to respectfully speak with our customers with disabilities increased my confidence immensely.


It was a real eye-opener to learn how affordable it can be to provide appropriate customer services.

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