Is Your Theatre Accessible?

EASE Accessibility Customer Service Training


Customer relations is based on communication skills. Using the appropriate terms when speaking with customers is a sign of respect.

access 101

Access allows customers to be independent. Creating structures with universal standards is in everyones best interest.

service 101

Service and supports differ. Removing structural barriers often requires a combination of people and designated advantages.


Emergency procedures are meant to provide safety for all customers. A protocol for people with physical disabilities should be in place.

our expertise

Onsite Assessment

Identifying specific barriers and knowing how to resolve them in a cost-effective manner is our strength. Our suggestions provide affordable solutions for you to achieve greater customer inclusion.

Access Planning

Implementing Universal Design planning avoids barrier specific problems. Onsite construction, administrative process and emergency procedures come together to create an inclusive and safe environment.

Customer Service Training

The EASE Accessibility Customer Service Training offers a flexible educational approach. Staff and volunteers can change frequently, our training is consistent and always available.

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Organization Plan

All programs are highly customized to suit your needs.


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